World Cup Statistics

Welcome to brought to you by football fans for football fans. World Cup Statistics don't just look at the World Cup and international - we try to cater for the footballing world as a whole! So from the glamour and the glitz of the Champions League right down to a rainy day in Plymouth - World Cup Statistics will aim to cover all the highs and lows.

From Roberto Baggio to Garrincha from the Dutch dream team of 74 to the Hungarian Mighty Magyars of 54 we will aim to cover it all. Every game that has ever been played in the World Cup will feature on this website. So interested to see how Canada got on in the 1986 finals? Or you may want to find out how Brazil got on in the final of the 1950 World Cup? Its all here.

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Nation Wins
Brazil flag Brazil 5
Italy flag Italy 4
Germany flag Germany 3
Argentina flag Argentina 2
Uruguay flag Uruguay 2
England flag England 1
France flag France 1
Spanish flag Spain 1
Player Goals
Brazil flag Ronaldo 15
Germany flag Gerd Müller 14
Germany flag Miroslav Klose 14
France flag Just Fontaine 13
Brazil flag Pele 12
Germany flag Jürgen Klinsmann 11
Hungary flag Sándor Kocsis 11